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We're calling on wise, inspired, motivated MASTER HEARTS from ALL walks of life to initiate MASTER HEART GROUPS wherever people gather, to increase uplifting world-wide change.
Are You Ready to Lead with Your MASTER HEART?

Growing MASTER HEART GROUPS in our communities encourages the vital shift in MASTER ENERGY for each of us to become part of a balanced world consciousness.

We urge wise, inspired, motivated MASTER HEARTS from ALL walks of life to initiate MASTER HEART GROUPS in homes, offices, churches, synagogues, temples, parks, playgrounds or wherever people gather, to increase the potential for positive change and great abundance through charitable works, joint projects, businesses and whatever way you can imagine to use MASTER ENERGY.

Where do I start?

March 2012 ~ Join our MASTER HEART GROUPS in Southern Ontario, Canada

MASTER HEART Founder Mary Giuffre and Spiritual Advisor Andrea Thiel Connell are authoring a MASTER HEART guidebook containing:

·        our MASTER HEART vision
·        ideas for getting started
·        guided meditations
·        a workbook for group members
·        suggestions for structuring your meetings
We are also planning to produce a CD of guided meditations.

Join our mailing list (top right corner of this page) and follow us on Facebook and Twitter  for the most up-to-date information on the availability of our MASTER HEART guidebook, our guided meditation CD and for MASTER HEART GROUPS in your area!

If you can't join us in person, spread the word about MASTER HEART! Talk to your friends, your colleagues, your employee, your mail-carrier and anyone else you can think of and encourage them to join with other MASTER HEARTS world-wide.

Do you already have a similar group?

More than ever before, people are coming together as one heart and one mind!

Our Spiritual Advisor Andrea Thiel Connell has been running MASTER HEART GROUPS (without the Master Heart title!) for about 15 years now. When she came up with idea of using the MASTER HEART banner for her own groups, we realize that there must be similar groups that already exist in different various forms around the globe!

Because of our heart-centred mandate,
we would like to see individual groups band together to create one potent MASTER HEART MOVEMENT! Much like the recent 'Occupy' movement, MASTER HEART requires no head office or structured leadership, but focuses on uniting many community leaders with the same vision!  Read More...


A MASTER HEART GROUP is a non-denominational circle of heart-centred, compassionate individuals, from all walks of life, who meet on a regular basis to serve one another
and the world.

Already belong to a similar group?
See below!

What is the Purpose of a

The MASTER HEART mandate is to joyfully and gracefully spread MASTER HEART ENERGY ~ Divine Love, from person to person, business to business, community to community, nation to nation.

Our focus is to harness the mindís power and wisdom by making choices based on the higher good and achieving results through heart-centred actions that cultivate love and respect.

Every gathering is an opportunity for celebration, meditation, reflection and healing for ourselves, each other and the planet.

Who can be part of a MASTER HEART GROUP?

Everyone with an open HEART is welcome!

Participants who join Master Heart Groups:
  • Seek to be present in all interactions
  • Are passionate about who they are and what they do
  • Foster cooperation and respect between all ages, cultures, creeds and genders
  • Build relationships and value based on authenticity and integrity
  • Focus on creating the highest good
  • Activate a sense of wonder
  • Experience gratitude in all they do and for who they are
  • Focus their energies around heart-centered abundance
  • Declare intentions and take aligned action from heart
  • Follow the voice of their heartís highest calling and expression
  • Recognize that ďbeing the change we wish to see in the world begins within, not externally

The centre of our intuition, feeling and emotion, our HEART is the core of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Balanced MASTER HEART  behaviour, and provides good judgment to our minds. Balanced heart and mind energies create an integrated and harmonious world.

Tiny Master Heart

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Tiny Master Heart

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