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MASTER HEART Founder Mary Giuffre and MASTER HEART Spiritual Advisor Andrea Thiel Connell are heartfelt visionaries who provide love and support to each other on all levels. These inspiring women blend their skills and talents to provide heart-centred wisdom. Together they recently produced a meditation CD: Sacred Self ~ Path to Being and they present an empowering seminar series with the same name.

At the critical juncture in all human relationships,
there is only one question: What would love do now?
~ Neale Donald Walsch

Master Heart Founder Mary Giuffre

About Mary

An Inspirational Film Maker ~ Artist ~ Speaker and Workshop Leader, Mary is creator and Co-Founder of FengSHe.org and the MASTERHEART MOVEMENT.

Mary is passionate about inspiring people to live vital heart-centred lives. Through her films, writing, workshops and lectures she motivates individuals to move energy from thought to feeling, so they recognize the wisdom of using their minds in co-operation with their hearts. She has created a system for balanced living based on Feng Shui principles called the Path to BEing, which walks us through the 8 Pathways of life that take us from thought to our feeling heart centre.

A Certified Practitioner trained at the Canadian Schools of Feng Shui, a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild, a Reiki Practitioner and a student of metaphysics, energy, and spirituality since her early teen years, Mary has also been influenced by Indigenous Spiritual teachers as well as Energy Healers from many traditions.

Contact Mary:

Master Heart Spiritual Advisor Andrea Thiel Connell

About Andrea

A Holistic Metaphysician, Author, Speaker, Energy Worker, Andrea Thiel Connell has been studying and practicing energy healing work for over 20 years. She brings with her an extensive background in Ancient Wisdoms, Sacred Traditions, Modern Metaphysics and Quantum Theory. Her passion is to empower her students and clients to re-vitalize their own health and overall wellbeing by providing learning opportunities for them to discover their own Divine truth, natural abilities and authentic personal power.

Andrea is a highly motivating writer, workshop leader and speaker inspiring people to live their best life possible in every moment! Her blog New Days ~ New Ways provides provides inspirational thought and teachings.

Her weekly Tarot Bytes readings and inspirational articles may be found on FengSHe.org

Contact Andrea: connellandrea@gmail.com

Tiny Master Heart

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