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"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."
~ Mother Theresa

Founded February 14th, 2011 the MASTER HEART GROUPS program manifested from joyful hearts full of Divine love with only one intention, to assist people in living and creating their lives from the inside out.

More than ever before, people are coming together as one heart and one mind. Our Advisor Andrea Thiel Connell has been running MASTER HEART GROUPS (without the Master Heart title) for about 15 years now. When she came up with idea of using the MASTER HEART banner for her own groups, we realize that there must be similar groups thatalready exist in different various forms around the globe!

Because of our heart-centred mandate,
we would like to see individual groups band together to create one potent MASTER HEART MOVEMENT! Much like the recent 'Occupy' movement, MASTER HEART requires no head office or structured leadership, but focuses on uniting many community leaders with the same vision! 

Please consider uniting your hearts with ours!

Back in 1997, award-winning author Daniel Quinn wrote about his vision for 'A New Tribal Revolution' in his book My Ishmael (page 217)  and his impression is being played out in the recent 'Occupy' movement which promises to continue across the globe.

The Seven Point Plan…
  • One: The revolution won't take place all at once
  • Two: It will be achieved incrementally, by people working off each other's ideas
  • Three: It will be led by no one
  • Four: It will not be the initiative of any political, governmental, or religious body
  • Five: It has no targeted end point
  • Six: It will proceed according to no plan
  • Seven: It will reward those who further the revolution the coin of the revolution

By UNITING the intention and recognition of
MASTER HEART world-wide
we are capable of changing the world!

We've put together a MASTER HEART identity package
which includes:
  • Post Card Sized MASTER HEART Information Pieces
  • Business Card Size MASTER HEART Invitations
  • 8.5 x 11 MASTER HEART Letterhead for flyers and brochures
  • A variety of Logos and Graphics in several sizes that can be applied to everything from Posters to Teeshirts!
Your initial package will be personalized with your name, address, city or town etc. depending on your requirements and will be provided in a downloadable digital format, which can be printed from your own computer or a by digital printing service, so you can let people know about your MASTER HEART GROUP!

The one-time only $44 CDN investment for the MASTER HEART identity package helps cover the cost of the many hours we have already and will continue to spend encouraging MASTER HEARTS globally. We very much appreciate being valued for our heart-felt works.

Click here to purchase your
MASTER HEART GROUP identity package!

If you have any suggestions or questions:

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