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Becoming a Warrior of Love
~ article by Andrea Thiel Connell

Week after week we are inundated with news to fear and worry about. The news media has launched a relentless attack on our good senses and optimism. On a daily basis we hear about the threat of pandemic viruses and their dubious vaccination programs, ongoing war and terrorism, widespread unemployment and personal financial losses, a worldwide failing economy, global warming, growing risks of cancer, heart disease and other life threatening diseases and it goes on and on. And it doesn
t stop when we turn off the TV; fear is coming at us from every direction. We are literally being frightened to death. Read More…

Our Hearts Lead
~ article by Mary Giuffre

Did you know that our teeny tiny hearts begin beating out our life's rhythm before our brain has a chance to fire its first electrical impulse? Until quite recently, modern science believed our hearts remained a mere pump, which facilitated blood flow around our physical bodies 24/7, but in recent years man and machine have discovered what so many of us have always known intuitively, that our hearts are capable of far greater feats. Researchers at the Institute of Heart Math, have confirmed, that our heart is an intelligent, sophisticated hub, which sends signals to our brain to influence our emotional processing! Read More…

Unconditional Respect
~ article by Andrea Thiel Connell

"Respect must be earned." How often do we hear this statement? What do you think? I disagree. I have learned that respect must be given, freely and unreservedly, upon the very first second of laying eyes on somebody, before you know anything about them. Nothing should come between you and initially showering someone with utmost respect. I know this is not what we have been taught. We have been conditioned to believe that respect is earned, that it is to be deserved. Read More…

Love IS
~ article by Mary Giuffre

I want to talk about LOVE. When I sat down to write this article I Googled, "What is love?" and the question brought up some 3,290,000,000 results in 0.10 seconds. I only made it through the first three pages before the words 'STOP ALREADY!' went screaming through my head! Almost every single article I reviewed said some crazy thing like, 'love is complex', 'love is difficult to understand', 'love defies explanation'. I don't get it. How is it that something so straightforward can be so blatantly misconstrued? Read More...

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